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San Juan de la Cruz become Member for the American Consortium

American Consortium
"The Mission Of World University Consortium Is To Evolve And Promote Development Of Accessible, Affordable, Quality Higher Education Worldwide Based On A Human-centered Approach That Shifts The Emphasis From Specialized Expertise To Contextualized Knowledge Within A Trans-disciplinary Conceptual Framework Reflecting The Complexity And Integration Of The Real World, From Teaching Mastery Of A Field Of Knowledge To Learning That Enhances The Capacity Of Students To Think And Discover Knowledge For Themselves, From Theoretical Mastery To Acquisition Of Knowledge, Skills And Values Relevant To Each Individual’s Personal Development And Career – An Educational System Better Suited To Develop The Full Potentials Of Social Personality And Individuality For Productive Engagement, Social Welfare And Psychological Well-being."

CDES | Centro De Educación Superior | Consorcio Universitario Americano | American University Consortium. The American University Consortium is an ambitious partnership among 29 leading academic institutions in Mexico, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Honduras, USA and Panama to cooperate in training a new generation capable of enhancing understanding among these critical international players.


Our Teachers

"I was very fortunate to attend SJDLC as a student. I had some incredible...."

I had some incredible teachers who helped me learn and grow and understand the world differently than I could on my own. I came back to San Jose because I love the energy of the students, the inter-generational community, the commitment to challenge, service and collaborative learning, and the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica .

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Professor Jin-Lung (Jack) Chen (Ph.D.)
"Ph.D in Business Administration, Panamerican University "

Master of Enterprise Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Accounting, National Taipei University. I have been engaged in financial banking related work for 16 years and so I am quite familiar with the professional fields of accounting and taxation. Once I served full-time as head of the Main Office of a SME Loan Business. In addition, I have been engaged in teaching for 15 years. I worked as Professor in Accounting at Taichung University of Science and Technology, at Taipei University of Technology and Shixin University. Additionally, I hold various AAFM's financial licenses, for example: AFA financial Analyst, Wealth Manager CWM. I hold also multiple Taiwanese financial licenses for: primary credit, primary foreign exchange, money laundering prevention, risk management, internal control: trust, bank, etc. Furthermore, I always hope to give lifelong knowledge to students to help them obtain professional certificates and get good jobs. I am very honored by being a professor of SJDLC's international program. I recommend the international program of SJDLC because of vocational usefull and practicality of the coursework. I look forward to seeing you at SJDLC.

Professor Lo-Yu (Royce) Wu (Ph.D.)
"As an University Professor over 15 years who used to be the secretary general of a university, I would like to recommend the international program of SJDLC because of her high quality and practical courses. "

I am very proud of being one of the Professors at SJDLC and I hope to see you and welcome you at the international program of SJDLC. Degrees: Ph.D of Business Administration & Ph.D of Education Management, NEUST State a University Awards: Albert Schweitzer Neck Cross and Breast Star US President's Lifetime Achievement Award US President's Volunteer Service Award .

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Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart
"Internationally Recognized Consultant, Educator and Diplomatic Relations Specialist"

Full Professor in Business Administrations. Consultant – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Team Member - Prince Efere Foundation, Diplomat of the IPSP, Representative to the USA for the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom of UGANDA .

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Dr. Yusuf Olawale F.
"Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management & Master of Business Administration (MBA)"

Director General, of CIML. PERSONAL OBJECTIVE: To work in an organization environment that is dynamic, challenging and motivating with prospect for career development to contribute to corporate growth and success of the organization. PROFESSIONALISM: Ability to retrieve materials from various sources, maintains accurate records, process a wide variety of data, and identify/resolve data discrepancies. Demonstrated use of initiative and ability to make appropriate linkages in work requirements and anticipate next steps. PLANNING AND ORGANIZING: Demonstrated effective organizational skills that contribute to the smooth functioning of the team. -- Ability to handle a large volume of work in an efficient and timely manner .

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Prof. Dr. Lawrence Lowell (Ph.D., PDM, MBA, CertADR, AMC™, MGNAAP, FAAFM
"Full Professor of Management, Business Strategy and Leadership"

Prof. Dr. Lawrence Lowell, Dean of International Programmes, SJDLC University Prof. Dr. Lawrence Lowell is a Consultant, Educator and Certified ADR Practitioner-(CertADR). He is a Member of Ghana National Association of ADR Practitioners-MGNAAP, ‘Accredited Management Consultant-AMG™’ with Licensed/Charter Certification, a Fellow-FGAFM™, and Global Academic Advisor and Board of Standard in Ghana, Global Board of Academics/Professors Advisory Council for GAFM/AAFM USA. His other international professional memberships are; Member (MICDE)-International Council for Open and Distance Educational; Member (MICHE)-International Council for Higher Education, Zurich; Member (MCMI)-Chartered Management Institute (CMI) the UK. Lowell holds ‘Ph.D. in Business Administration’ from Central America and Professional Doctorate in Management from India. He has university/college work experience in lecturing and Administration since 2007 as Adjunct Faculty-The University of America, Salt Lake City, Utah and Murrieta California USA, Adjunct Faculty-Azteca University European programmes, Mexico. Course Facilitator/Exams Supervisor-Cambridge International College, UK; International Coordinator-Indian Management Academy. In Ghana, University College of Management Studies as Lecturer/Administrator, Global Professional Studies as Administrator/Ag. Principal, and BMFI University College as Administrator/Snr Lecturer and currently with Valley View University, Kumasi & Takyiman School of Business. He is very organized with a professional approach, expert to acquire knowledge and impart. Lowell is also URGC Ambassador on Educational Programs of Displaced/Refugee People for Ghana-Global. He is the Founding President/CEO of REASON CONSULTING, formally (LOWELL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES), a registered consulting firm in Kumasi, Ghana to practice in ADR, Management & Educational consulting. He is also Co-founder and Executive Director for Community and Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives-CEDI Ghana. His areas of academic and professional expertise include; Law, Business Leadership, Strategic Management, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development, Business Law and Corporate Policy/Strategy, etc.

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Prof. Dr. Yu-Lin (Kevin) Lin
"Ph.D of UPA; Master of Biomedical Material and Tissue Engineering Taipei Medical University; Bachelor of Dentistry department Taipei Medical University."

Prof. Dr. Lin is the academic fellow of International American Association of Finance & Management (www.iaafm.org). He was the winner of the top award of Albert Schweitzer Society (OeASG) "Albert Schweitzer Neck Cross and Breast Star 2018". He was also the winner of the Moscow Archimedes International invention golden award. Prof. Dr. Lin is the member and doctor of Taiwan Academy of Implant Dentistry, Taipei Congress of Oral Implantologists, Taiwan Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, Taipei Congress of Oral Implantologists, Asia Pacific Association of Implant Dentistry, Taipei Dental Association. Prof. Dr. Kevin Lin is one of the best doctor of dental implant and Teeth Whitening in Asia. His skillset is leading among other physician in the world. Upon his appointment he said "I am very proud of being the professor of SJDLC international programs. I would like to recommend the international SJDLC because of her high quality and practical courses. Hope to see and welcome you in the SJDLC".

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Professor Vincent Huang (Ph.D.)
University Professor over 30 years and used to be the president of a university, I would like to recommend the international SJDLC because of her high quality and practical courses. Hope to see and welcome you in the SJDLC. .

Professor Vincent Huang (Ph.D.) I am very proud of being the professor and one of the representative of SJDLC international programs. As I had been a professor of university over 30 years and used to be the president of a university, I would like to recommend the international SJDLC because of her high quality and practical courses. Hope to see and welcome you in the SJDLC. Degrees: Ph.D of Electrical Engineering,National Taiwan University (World Ranking 53, 2017) Ph.D of Business Administration, NEUST State a University Ph.D of Education Management , NEUST State a University Positions: Professor, President of NJUT Awards: Albert Schweitzer Neck Cross and Breast Star US President's Lifetime Achievement Award US President's Volunteer Service Award Pope Francis Human Contribution Award Albert Schweitzer Lambarene Hospital Human Contribution Award Kentucky Colonel

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Professor I-Chan Kao (Ph.D.)
Experience in the field : Professor, Secretary General, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Research and Development Affair of National University.

He has been the professor and dean of academic affairs of Open University of Kaohsiung, R.O.C.. Professor I-Chan Kao (Ph.D.) He has been the professor and dean of academic affairs of Open University of Kaohsiung, R.O.C. for many years and it is his great pleasure to be the professor of SJDLC international programs because SJDLC has not only a great reputation but also a high ranking in the world. Professor I-Chan Kao professional skills are project management, risk management, talent development, quality management, business administration, strategy planning, professional consulting etc. His educational Achievements are: Ph.D. of National Kaohsiung Normal University; Ph.D. of China University of Political Science and Law. Certificates: IPMAC Project Manager, Chair Professor, Adjudicator; First Level Project Management Professional, First Level Human Resources Managers, First Level Psychology Consulting Manager of China; PMP and Service Quality Control officer of Standard Ministry of France; Customer Relationship Manager, Conflict Manager, Marketing Manager, International Enterprise Manager of England City & Guide; ISO 9000 Leading Auditor; ISO10015 Leading Auditor; ISO10006 Leading Auditor; TTQS Talent Develop Quality Manager of Ministry of Labor Taiwan; Doctor of Business Administration, Risk Manager, Large Scale PMP, Strategic Manager of IOPCA. Experience in the field : Professor, Secretary General, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Research and Development Affair of National University..

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Professor LO Cheuk-hing, Eins (Ph.D., D.B.A.)
"Post-doctoral researcher at University of Oxford. Founder and Chairman of a professional institution in Hong Kong, China, and is the HS Committee Member of the Hong Kong Construction Association. “It’s my honor to be the Professor of SJDLC University which is highly reputable and listed in UNESCO.”

The University is multicultural, open, committed to research and teaching at the highest standards.. Professor LO Cheuk-hing, Eins (Ph.D., D.B.A.) is currently a post-doctoral researcher at University of Oxford. He is the Founder and Chairman of a professional institution in Hong Kong, China, and is the HS Committee Member of the Hong Kong Construction Association. He has been working as managerial position in a famous construction company based in Hong Kong and China. Professor LO Cheuk-hing, Eins professional research areas includes business management studies, safety management system, environmental management system, project management, risk management, quality management, sustainability leadership, sustainable innovation, etc. His academic achievements include: Ph.D. at Charisma University, TCI, UK; Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at Apollos University, USA; MBA, MSc, BBA, BSc. He studied Certificate of Completion in Sustainability Leadership program at University of Cambridge. He also completed Professional Certificate in Safety Auditing (OUHK), Professional Certificate in Environmental Management for Construction (Environmental Officer), Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (OUHK). He has also been the Registered Safety Officer in Hong Kong, ISO9001 Internal Auditor, ISO14001 Internal Auditor, ISO50001 Internal Auditor and BEAM Affiliate. Awards: Professor LO Cheuk-hing, Eins had leading his company to achieve the Gold Award of Best Refurbishment and Maintenance Contractor and Silver Award of Best Performance in the 17th Construction Safety Forum and Award Presentation Ceremony held by Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Council in 2016. “I would describe SJDLC University as exciting and dynamic. It offers a fantastic academic environment, seminars, interdisciplinary initiatives, as well as remarkable study facility. SJDLC University is the best university across the Costa Rica and Central America and is known for its exellence. For these reasons, I would heartily recommend the SJDLC University to other students.” Professor LO Cheuk-hing, Eins said.

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Professor Tsuei, Horng-Jia (Frank Tsuei) (Ph.D.)
"Professor Frank Tsuei (Ph.D.) I am very proud of being the professor and one of the representative of SJDLC international programs. Hope to see and welcome you in the SJDLC.

On Line CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taiwanseo/ Research Experience: 1.Computer Graphics 2.Digital Image Processing 3.Android Development 4.Computer Network 5.Information Retrieval 6.Database Design 7.Algorithm Development 8.Medical Image Processing 9.Speech Signal Processing 10.Digital Signal Processing 11.Internet of Things Innovation 12.Multimedia System 13.Digital Television Design 14.Computer Methods for Power Systems 15.LabVIEW 16.SAS Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Management 17.High-Quality TV Antennas and Digital Television 18.Advanced Communication Systems 19.Augmented Reality Algorithm 20.Virtual Reality Algorithm 21.Person Identification (PID) on Heart Sound Recordings 22.Integrated Resources:Research, Industry & Academic, to advise Business move forward to Industry 4.0 Training Experience: 1.Data Science for Internet of Things Algorithm 2.Data Compression 3.Webbots and Spiders, Screen Scrapers Algorithm 4.Network security 5.Person Identification for Internet of Things Algorithm 6.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Algorithm 7.Online Reputation Management (ORM) Algorithm 8.3D Dynamic Environment Perception 9.Cloud Computing and Server Clustering Technologies 10.An Introduction to Advanced Performance Modeling 11.Big Data techniques of Data Science 12.SAP Predictive Analytics 13.Unsupervised learning, Data Clustering, Dimension Reduction and Deep Learning 14.Wireless Networking and Embedded Systems Laboratory Real-Time System Software Group 15.Research Methods for Problems- Solving

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Professor Tien Chang (Ph.D.)
(Enterprise Risk Management Professional)

Educations must be connected with Practices so, how to educate the entrepreneur to look right and do right are the most important issues. I use the computer simulations to training all the students making the discussions immediately. After the training, all the students will have the abilities to make the right decisions via intuition immediately. It’s my great pleasure to be as the professor of SJDLC. SJDLC Is the most outstanding university in the world. All the departments of SJDLC can let the students to reach both theory and practice learning. Welcome to meet you in the International programs of SJDLC. My expertise, present post, certificates and experiences are as following: Expertise: Management of E-Commerce, Enterprise Financial Diagnosis And Counseling, Risk Management, Application of Technology Management Present Post: 1. Chairman of Chinese Business Development Association 2. Director of Asia branch of International American Association of Financial Management(iaafm.org ; iaafm.org.tw) 3. Dean of England Royalties Academy (www.royalcampus.org) 4. Director of Business Management Consultants Association of ROC (UN) (www.bmca.org.tw) 5. Chief Consultant If International Institute of Business Engineering 6. Chief Consultant of Saint Paul's University 7. Director of GreenONE Technology Energy Co. Books: 1、Enterprise Risk Management-ASUS Example 2、Winner of Wealth Management 「Not the same as you think」 Certificates: 1. T-CMC and ICMC of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (UN) 2. Chatted of Financial Consultant (CFC) of International American Association of Financial Management;IAAFM 3. Certificate of Business Strategist (CBS)(IAAFM ) 4. Registered Financial Specialist (RFS) AAFM (The American Academy of Financial Management) 5. Chair Reviewer of England’s IQA ISO-9000 6. Management Consultant and Director of Small and Medium Management Department of Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs 7. Business Intelligent Planners of Association of Chinese Business Resources Planning R.O.C. 8. Oracle & Sun Certiification Java Program (SCJP SE5.0) 9. Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 Cerfication Experiences: 1. Director of Chinese Enterprise Management Consultant Association, Small and Medium Innovation and incubation Center 2. General manager of Ai-Fa Digital LTD. 3. Associate General Manager of Ai-Chin Digital LTD. 4. Consultant of Chu-Fei, Nain-Yu Enterprise Management LTD. 5. Associate General Manager of Winston Technology 、Kun-Hon International LTD. 6. Trustee and General Manager of Kun-San Reciprocal Communication Technology LTD.

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Professor Pang-Chun Hsieh (Ph.D, M.D.)
As a doctor of devoting myself to the Chinese traditional medicine research and its integration for over thirty years, I would like to recommend the highly valuable traditional Chinese practical management courses to all the students of the world.

Welcome to join SJDLC. It’s my great pleasure to recommend the international courses of SJDLC because SJDLC attaches great importance to the learning of practical values. I have organized four general hospitals successfully and my professional and research fields include Chinese traditional medicine, Homeopathy, Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine, Health Inspection Management, Hospital Management, Administration and Management of Social Enterprise and Non-profit Organizations. I believe you will get all the professional and skills you want. Welcome to SJDLC International programs.

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